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As one of the major foreign trade enterprises in Anhui Province who ranking the first ten regarding the business achievements,
Anhui Anmec Import & Export Corporation was established in 2002, reshuffled from Anhui Machinery & Equipment Import & Export
Corporation which was approved by the Anhui Provincial Economy & Trade Committee. It accessed the International Quality
Management System Standard ISO9001:2000 in 2004. Since the establishment, the corporation was granted by the provincial
government as Anhui Provincial Advanced Enterprise and Anhui Provincial 100 Best Service Units by the Provincial Labor Union.

We have self trade and agentry of various commodities except items restricted or prohibited by the State. We sell machines,
electrical appliances, hardware, rubber products, ferrous metal, movie equipment, industrial art products (excluding golden and silver items). We have production as per drawings, samples and material, OEM production, compensation trade, cooperation production, joint venture management, barter trade, combined designing and tendering, various technical service, projects contract, technology export and transferring, labor cooperation, etc.. The Corporation’s business has been expanding since the reshufflement with the import/export volume of 150 million US dollars in 2003. In recent three years, we have new development which is affirmed by the Provincial Commerce Department.During year of 2002, ANMEC successfuly won a global tender to provide 331 sets machine tools to COFMO of India at total value US$1,850,000.00. ANMEC supplied with a complete set of projest “SE SAN 4A Hydropowe Station” to Vietnam at cost US$364,000,000.00(36.4million USD) in 2009. During year of 2014, ANMEC successed to supply with a complete set of “Pencil Making” to PRADO of Nigeria at contract value USD1,100,000.00. ANMEC successed to supply with a complete set of projest “High-temp Push Plate Oven” to Germany at contract cost US$1,200,000.00 during year of 2019 and 2020.

With five business departments, Anhui Anmec Import & Export Corporation has a group of personnel capable of international trade, honest and creditable, who can provide good and peak efficient service. We have trade in many countries and regions and long term good cooperation with hundreds of enterprises domestic and abroad.

Holding the principle of HONEST AND CREDIT, Anhui Anmec Import & Export Corporation sincerely intend to make extensive
cooperation with all partners and friends to achieve mutual benefits and win-win, to make some contribution to the harmonious
development of the society.